Destructive, Disposable Foot Soldiers

I know that there have been a lot of people who feel that bones is not really a good medium for the smaller models. I agree that some of the small models lack the fine detail you get with a metal mini, however these models really show what bones is capable of in a small scale.

I love these models because while as a horde they go together really well each model has so much individual character. There is so much detail to work with and to bring out with in these creepy munchkins. If these guys seem familiar this is because these are the models I based in the last post. They are also the band to go along with the Warchanter I painted last year.

For the most part I am really happy how these came out, and I can see an improvement looking back at the Warchanter to these - which is amazing for me. Painting these  in a week (I based and undercoated the week before) meant that I didnt spend nearly as much time on each individual model as I usually do but I am proud of the results. I think the biggest place I need to improve is the OSL (Object Source Lighting), it was my first time and I didnt do the research I should have and it just didnt turn out well. I  also should have undercoated the flames in a different colour as I needed to make the paint much thicker than I like to cover the green and I think this takes away from the quality of flame. Generally this means I feel the models without torches are the higher quality. What I am really happy with is the bloody bandage over the one-eyed goblin and I think the rusty weapons turned out great. I used the same technique and colours for rusting as I did with the skeletons a while back and I am still really happy with how it works out.

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