Another Bones Kickstarter!

I mentioned that this was coming up and said I would let people know when it has started. So here it is - Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter officially started 1 am (AEST, where I am) last night.  

I was far to excited to sleep & was watching when it dropped. They hit their goal of $30,000 in 2 minutes, their stretch goal of $60,000 in another 2 minutes & their 3rd stretch goal of $90,000 in yet another 2 minutes. In 40 minutes that had hit a quarter of a million dollars! Soon after that I headed to bed. 14 hours later they are sitting at $730,000 with 7,079 backers. I think this is impressive, however it is not as quick as Bones 2 which hit $925,000 in just over 12 hours.

For those of you who dont know, Reaper's bones miniatures are the majority of the minis I paint, and what you see on this blog. They are a plastic model that is highly resilient and cheap to buy so they are ideal for gaming, as it doesnt matter if they are dropped - they wont break. And yet they hold great detail & are high quality. I have found them a great place to learn to paint because I am not scared to experiment - if I mess up really badly its not hard to replace it. 

Reaper does these kickstarters to create new molds for the line, because while the material is cheap the molds to create them are not.  By supporting them during the kickstarter they are offering a great deal and the opportunity to have the models before they hit retail. As an example, here are some of the larger miniatures that I recieved in Bones 2 kickstarter, their retail price & how much I paid.

Dragons Don't Share Set
Dragons Don't Share Set
(I did not paint this, this is painted by Proctor.)
To give you a sense of scale, the dragon is over 9" tall (22cm) with a wingspan of 12" (30cm).

Online Store Cost:    $74.99

Paid during KS:        $35
(That includes the terrain, 5 heroes & the dragon)

(Painted by Peter Fitz)
That character in front is there for a sense of scale, he is not included. The base the small model is on is a 1" circle

Online Store Cost:     $29.99
Paid During the KS:   $12

(Painted by Peter Shah)
This was a reward from the first kickstarter. This miniature stands approximately 6" tall and has a wingspan of 10".

Online Store Cost (Bones):        $19.99
Online Store Cost (Metal):         $69.99
Paid During the KS (Bones):      $10

I included the metal price for this miniature to show what good value the Bones miniatures are even from the store. The other 2 do not have metal comparisons as they were designed specifically for Bones.

In case you were wondering, I did get all 3 of these miniatures, and many more. The reason you have not seen any of the miniatures of this scale on my blog is because I am leaving them until I am a little more confident at taking on a project this size.

As you can see the kickstarter is extremely good value with the large scale miniatures. As for the small miniatures - by backing the core set in both I got over 100 smaller miniatures for $100. These miniatures sell for between $2-$3.50 in the store. That isnt much of  a saving when you are talking 1 miniature, but when you are talking over a hundred... it adds up!

A note for people who are not in the US (like myself), these prices are in US dollars and international backers do have to pay postage. For me & my husband, its worth it however it does eat into the budget into what we can actually get from the kickstarter. If you are considering backing (which I highly recommend) you need to take this into account. They do have a pledge manager up which will calculate shipping for you. Its a little scary to see at first, but my experience is that there is a large amount (~$50 for the core set) for your first pick & then small increases for any additional add-ons (~$3 per addon) - mostly because it is all sent in 1 package. (unless you order huge amounts!).

Another thing to be aware of, the core set does not seem very big right now compared to the previous kickstarters, but as they hit more stretch goals they will add more to the core set as well as addons. It will definitely be great value by the end of the kickstarter.

This one is only going on for 18 days - it ends on the 25th of July. So, if you are considering looking at this, dont put it off. There is a link at the top of this post and also in the sidebar to the right of this post.

A note to my fellow 6MMRPC painters. This is one of my jokers. I am sorry if you feel I am enticing you away from the general spirit of the challenge. For me, I dont buy huge quanities of miniatures except for when backing things like this and I am not willing to miss this opportunity.

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