Don't Spill the Ale, Lass

Late again! Im only 3 posts into 6MMRPC & I am already struggling with the weekly posts! This week has been a bit difficult with my health leaving little energy for painting. However because of the challenge I actually pushed through and did a little bit so I am really proud of that. 

This miniature is Reaper's Townfolk Wench from the first kickstarter. Its a really nice miniature and I really enjoyed painting it (for the most part - more on that later). In the past when I work on a mini I set a goal to try & really work on something or try something new. The last 2 miniature were mostly just warming up since having such a large break from painting. However with this mini, my goal was to work on shading. And I am really proud of how I did with that - especially her skin. I've always really struggled with white/cream linen but I really think I did well with the apron. 

With the Chronic Fatigue, I get very shaky hands when I am tired (which I have been all week), so when I was doing the eyes I got really frustrated. I was happy with one eye but the other I re-did several times & came close to screaming in frustration. I ended up getting to the 'good enough' point. 

Another thing I wasnt as happy with the out come was the mugs themselves. I was aiming to make it look like glass with a metal rim but it got a little too dark with the wash & I dont think I really captured the look.

The foam on the other hand was a different matter. having looked at pictures of both the metal version & the bones version, I felt that the foam detail was a little soft. So I did the same technique as I did with the familiars (snow & waterfall foam). I mixed PVA glue & Bi Carb to make a paste, until its a similar consistency as toothpaste. I then applied that to the mugs. I think it looks fantastic & really adds to the miniature. I am glad I decided to do that. 

Just a quick note about the Bones 3 Kickstarter (if you dont know what I am talking about I posted about it here) - it only has a couple days left. They has some awesome sculpts and really great deals. The core set is currently at 129 miniature + weapon sprues & bases. That works out to be 77c per mini! And they are still adding more to it. So check it out soon if you are interested.

To my fellow 6MMRPC'ers, I apologise if anyone feels I am not keeping in spirit of the challenge with backing bones & late posts. For me, I wanted to be a part of it to motivate myself to paint even when Im having a bad week & its been great for that. So thank you for including me. 


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the late posts. Everyone suffers lulls and fluctuation during the challenge. It's meant to be an inspiration to paint more and get less, not a herculean chore. Jokers are meant to cover off your need to buy stuff occasionally over 6 months, so again, you seem well within the norm.

    I'm super impressed with the beer foam. Lept out of the pictures as a 'oh cool!' item. I can see the glass effect, but I think after having it pointed out that was what you were looking for. Admittely my eye glazed past the steins though. The eyes look pretty solid, and eyes are fairly impossible, so well done.

    For myself, bones are definitely a: "close enough" figure to paint.

    1. Thanks for the feedback & comment - its very much appreciated.
      I find bones a great way of growing & learning as a painter. I can experiment & push myself, so I try not to settle for 'close enough' but sometimes you just have to & bones makes it easier to except.

  2. I haven't posted a blog update in over a month. This is a friendly challenge, and like Dave said, an inspiration. Don't fret!

    I love this mini and the work you've done with it, and the foam just takes the cake. Well done!