Give Me Ice-cream

Mini: Owlbear

Manufacturer: Reaper Bones Series

Painted: 27th Dec – 29th Dec 2013

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and are getting ready to enjoy their New Year celebrations! I guess I should explain the title of this post, when my friend first saw this miniature she said it looked like he was going after ice-cream, and it made me laugh.

When I was painting this model I didn't feel I was doing very well and I am not sure I did the model justice. This is the first time I was doing fur and feathers. I expected the feathers to be tricky but fur is surprisingly tricky too. However, despite all that I think the model turned out well. I am actually not sure what I would do different and since I haven't found a decent tutorial for feathers or fur I didn't really have much guidance on this one.

The little green plant thing that is on the back of the mini is supposed to be ivy. I used Etched Brass for it and that is another first... it was harder to use than expected and I had a hard time getting the paint to stick to it - even after I primed it.

Colours Used

Primer - None

Base Colours - V. G. X.Op Heavy Sienna (72.154)

Main Colours
  • Body: Dry Brush V. G. X.Op Heavy Sienna (72.154) mixed with R. MSP. Polished Bone (09060)
  • Body Wash: Watered down Woodstain Brown (09160) and C. W. Badab Black
  • Feathers: R. MSP. Polished Bone (09060) striped with R. MSP. Woodstain Brown (09160) 
  • Claws: R. MSP. Polished Bone (09060) 
  • Beak: R. MSP. Golden Shadow (09091)
  • Eyes: R. MSP. Sun Yellow (09008) & R. MSP. Faded Black (09657)


  • Reaper's "broccoli" glued onto a black base.
  • coarse sand layered up to the same level as the "broccoli"
  • Fish-tank pebbles glued onto base
  • Fine sand glued over the top of it all (including "broccoli")
  • Citidal Liquid Green Stuff used to fill any gaps in the sand.
  • Another layer of craft glue to seal it before painting sand
  • Layer of Oregano
  • Another layer of craft glue to seal it in
  • Added Painted Ivy Brass Etching with superglue

Bases' Colours
  • Sand Colour: R. MSP. Woodstain Brown (09160) 
  • Stone Base: V. G. X.Op Heavy Charcoal (72.155)
  • Stone Highlight: V. G. X.Op Heavy Charcoal (72.155) mixed with R. MSP. Pure White (09039)
  • Leaves: R. MSP. Olive Green (09035), R. MSP. Jungle Moss (09082), R. MSP. Golden Shadow (09091), R. MSP. Sun Yellow (09008) 
  • Ivy: R. MSP. Chrstmas Wreath (09658)

NOTE: After Miniature Monday, I asked Clint (another painter) how he did his fur and think I will try use his technique next time. Read Here. I also dont think that I had enough contrast in my highlighting colours on the fur.

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