A Gooey Return

It has been over a year since I posted and I feel really bad for that. I want to say that I will be painting more regularly and that I will definitely post diligently but the truth is, I really don't know. Real life often gets in the way of my hobbies, mostly my health but sometimes other projects that have nothing to do with miniatures. It doesnt help that my husband and I arent playing Pathfinder at the moment so its harder to feel motivated when we currently arent using the minis. However this blog was always about having a place to document my own progress with painting miniatures and while I love it when other people read and take away something from this blog, or leave constructive criticism, I am not posting for them. I shouldnt feel guilty about not posting or painting when life has taken me elsewhere. and yet I do. *sigh*

I did actually paint 2 minis toward the end of 2016 - both which I shared in Monday Miniatures but I didnt get around to updating this blog. This miniature is one of them as will the next post most likely be.

It took me a little while to figure out what the Stone Lurker was in the Pathfinder world. I eventually came across the Roper but there was not really much mention of the colour of tentacles and that left me with a lot of experimenting. At first these were a purple with pink tips and it took me a few changes before I settled on the green.

I also did an experiment for this miniature - It is hard to see on the photos above but I actually covered the tentacles in a semi-transparent "goo" to make them appear more slimy.

Once I came up with this idea I actually got really excited about this miniature and wanted to get it right. Using Modge Podge as a base, I mixed different mediums to it to add pigment. The photo to the right shows this experiment. I settled on the wash being the best but was unhappy with this particular colour so for the miniature I created my own wash using a brighter green paint and some flow improver to create my own wash before mixing in the Modge Podge. I then applied it liberally to the tentacles, and even a few places on the rest of the mini to appear like it had dripped down. 

I am really happy with the results, however I wish I had applied more of the "goo" on the underside of the tentacles so that it appeared to be dripping off. 

It seems whenever I am not very interested in a miniature, I end up trying something new that ends up making it a really fun project.


  1. Hi, Kylie! I'm embarrassed to say I just found your blog. It's really well done. I hope to see you back on Miniature Monday now that things are starting back up again.

  2. Thanks Jim, I am definitely hoping to contribute more to Monday Miniatures, I think the fortnightly schedule should make that easier.