Back at the Painting Table

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been struggling to paint due to my health, however I have been feeling better lately and managed to get some painting done, so without further ado... 

I still follow Caffeine Forge's Monday Miniatures and this week's model is actually the undead horde set of models - 6 skeletons and 4 zombies. To make painting manageable I split them into 3 groups, and painted each group all together. I think this method means that I lose a little quality but I wasn't too worried about that when these models are the "trash" of the dungeon.

I started with the Zombies... I am reasonably happy with how these turned out. I was out of the habit of painting and needed to get back in the swing of things. I did have trouble with the eyes - originally I painted them painted them a pale blue (to represent that cloudy look dead eyes sometimes have) however it got lost in the pale skin so I decided to go with red eyes. I really like the models with their arms down, however I really don't like how the arms are positioned and the face is of the other zombie model - Its just a little to comical for my liking.  I tried to adjust one of them with the Hot/cold water dunk method but it didn't stick.

Colours of Rust

  • Dry Brush - R. MSP Shadowed Steel (09052)
  • Wash - V. G. C. W. Fleshtone Shade (73.204)
  • Stipple - Mix R. MSP Clotted Red (09134) with R. MSP Fire Orange (09006) and "stipple" on lightly
  • Light Dry Brush - R MSP Shadowed Steel (09052)

With each painting project I try to use a new technique or just do something a little different. With the skeletons I decided that I would attempt to paint rust. My first attempt (with the first group of 3 skeletons) was alright and I chose the right colours however finishing it up needed a little work. My second attempt I am much happier with. I'd love to get some feed back - so let me know!

NB. In the past I have put all the colours I have used as I thought it would be a helpful reference but honestly it is more work than I think it is worth. I will still do it for new techniques like this for reference sake. Hopefully it will be useful to you too.

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