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Mini: Goblin War Chanter

Manufacturer: Reaper Bones Series

Painted: 30th Dec 2013 – 5th Jan 2014

Another Week, another mini. Overall, I am happy with how this mini turned out. I did better than I expected, if I am honest. It is a small mini with a lot of great detail and I didn't think I would do it justice. That said there is a lot of room for improvement. 

I think the copper & the leather are too similar and I should have used a slightly darker leather colour. I may be looking for an excuse for another Reaper Paint Order, but I think Oiled Leather colour would be a good purchase for next time. That said, we have just done a huge paint order at Christmas so I will be waiting a while.

I am getting a lot more confident with eyes and I think this is showing in my minis though I have yet to do a normal humanoid mini. David, from Monday Miniatures, complimented my overall colour scheme and I do think it turned out well. 

I often feel when I have finished a model that there is something more that I need to do, that I am missing a step to bring my painting to the next level but I honestly dont know what that is. Often I look at the model and cant see anything more to do and yet it seems to need more. Maybe its me being my own biggest critic. 

Colours Used

Primer - None

Base Colours - V. G. X.Op Heavy Grey (72.145)

Main Colours
  • Clothes: R. MSP. Leather Brown (09030)
  • Sword Blade: R. MSP. Honed Silver (09053)
  • Sword Handle: R. MSP. Woodstain Brown (09160)
  • Skin: R. MSP. Olive Green (09035)
  • Tongue/Beads: R. MSP. Carnage Red (09657)
  • Eye Base: R. MSP. Carnage Red (09135)
  • Eye Highlight: R. MSP. Sun Yellow (09008)
  • Hair: R. MSP. Faded Black (09657)
  • Hair Highlight: R. MSP. 
  • Bone/Tooth/Claw: R. MSP. Polished Bone (09060)
  • Jewelry: R. MSP. Ancient Bronze (09049)
  • Wash: C. W. Badab Black


  • Trimmed "Broccoli Base" to fit black base
  • Coarse sand layered up to the same level as the "broccoli" using PVA glue
  • Fine sand glued (PVA) over the top of it all (including "broccoli")
  • Another layer of craft glue (PVA Glue) to seal it before painting sand

Bases' Colours

  • Based Colour: V. G. X.Op Heavy Charcoal (72.155)
  • Main Colour: R. MSP. Cloudy Grey (09089)
  • Highlight Colour: R. MSP. Rainy Grey (09038)

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