Mini: Zombie
Manufacturer: Reaper Bones Series
Painted: October 2013

This is the first Bones model I ever painted, it is also the first model I had painted in over 6 months. There is a lot of things that need work on this model - the eyes & hair especially come to mind. However I am still proud of it, I am particularly proud of the bloody stomach. 

Colours Used

Primer - None

Base Colours - V. G. X.Op Heavy Kakhi (72.149)

Main Colours
Skin: R. MSP. Moldy Skin (09149)
Blood: V. G. X.Op Heavy Red (72.141)
Pants: R. MSP. Midnight Blue (09019)
Hair: R. MSP. Woodstain Brown (09160)

Pants: R. MSP. Snow Shadow (09021)
Eyes: R. MSP. Snow Shadow (09021)
Washed: C. W. Badab Black

Base - I haven't based this model but plan to in the future. 

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