Mangu Timur

Last week, everyone from Monday Miniatures at Caffeine Forge was working on Tierdeleira. I did have her washed and ready to paint and sitting on my painting desk all week. Come Friday I still hadn't even put a base coat on her. I just wasn't inspired. Don't get me wrong, Tierdeleira is a beautiful model and a great dark elf. However for me to start painting and really get into it I need to know roughly what I want to do with a model and I just didn't have any ideas for her. So I moved on and painted other things.

Which brings me to Mangu Timur, you may have remembered seeing him months ago when I showed a WIP photo. If I am honest I pushed myself to paint Mangu before I was really inspired and while I had a few ideas, he ended up put aside until I was ready to finish him.
The problem with this is you lose track of where you were up to in a model and what you were aiming for. At least that is how it is for me. So I had a hard time coming back to him. This is probably the biggest thing I have learnt with this model - don't start unless you are committed to getting the model finished. And that lesson is what stopped me from painting Tierdeleira - I will paint her one day.

My thoughts on Mangu... he is okay. I don't think he is my best paint job by any means and while I am happy with the colour scheme I chose for him, I just can't say I am happy with him. 

What I do like is the dozen or so gems I painted on him, I really think it adds to the model. I am also really proud of the base, which I sculpted myself. Ive never really sculpted anything and I am really happy with how it came out. I used a technique I found on James Wappel's site and it worked out well.

That is about it! This week's model is Deadeye Slim and I have had no troubles painting him! I hope you check it out.

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