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Miniature Companies

I always try to name the miniature and the company it is from, but here are some links to the most common companies I get my miniatures from.

Reaper Miniatures 
Currently, this is where all the miniatures on this site are from, in particular their Bones line. This is going to change in the not to distant future, however I suspect Reaper will always dominate the miniatures I purchase.


These are the paints I own and use on 99% of the miniatures I paint (that 1% would be when I am testing out new paints).

Reaper Master Series Core Colors
This is the paint I use, unless I am doing a base coat, I LOVE this paint, Reaper has huge range of colours and I always enjoy painting with them. My only critism is that some paints are more watery than others, which is not a problem in itself but it does require some small adjustments when moving between colours.

Reaper Master Series HD
Reaper HD series are their High Density used for base coats. Like all other Reaper products I have mentioned, I love them. There is also a great range

Vallejo Game Color - Extra Opaque
These were the paints I used for base coats before I switched to Reaper's HD. They are great paints and I still occasionally use them particularly their Heavy Red, which is a beautiful colour. However these paints are alot thicker than Reaper paints. I also find that some of the colours dont stick well to Reaper Bones without a primer. I dont see me buying more of these when they run out, I think I will stick to Reaper's HD. However I still think they are quite high quality & I would never dissuade a person from using Vallejo based on my experience. 

Citadel paints
I'm not going to spend long on these, this was the first paint product I used for miniatures. I hated the little pots it came in & when I moved to others I definitely preferred the dropper bottles. I also found that they are a lot more expensive & not better. They arent bad paints - they just arent the best & I personally dont think its worth the cost.


I have a quite a collection of brushes and I havent really found a favourite brand that I would recommend. When I do, I will put a comment here.


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