The Familiar, Fantastic Mr Fox

This is another repeat model, though a bit different this time. Back in 2014, when Monday Miniatures did the familiars, I was really blown away with the variety of everyone's paint schemes. Then at the end of last year, we did the companion animals and once again I was really inspired by the variety. So, when I did a Reaper order at Christmas I included a second set of the companions & familiars. The plan is to do something different to the same model.

This one was inspired by Dirk's fox. It really stuck in my memory and when I got the new familiars I was really excited to do my own little fox.

I used photos of real foxes as inspiration, wanting to be as close as I could be. I am really happy with how he turned out. 

For the grass I used The Army Painter's Tufts. Its the first time using the product and I have to say I am in love. I have always really hated having to deal with static grass. I had hoped to get the Meadow Flowers, however the company I order these things from was out of stock. Generally I do 1 large order so that I can get free shipping so I decided to make my own. 

To do so I brushed the tips of a tuft with PVA glue and dipped it into some yellow sand I had. It worked really well and its been about 2 weeks since I based this model and its holding up even better than I expected.

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