Searching for the Frozen Throne

This weeks model for Monday Miniatures is the Anti Paladin, from the core set of the Reaper's 2nd Bones Kickstarter. I love this miniature, it has so much detail and personality and from the start I just knew how I wanted to paint it. 

I only made one change from my original plan and that was the glowing eyes on the character (at first it was just going to be the shield's eyes). The reason for the  change was as I was painting the miniature my crazy brain started to develop a backstory for him (not for a campaign, just because I have a random brain). In my "head cannon" of this character he was originally a paladin who was then possessed when he picked up this shield and that is how he became an anti-paladin. It was only later that I realised the correlation between his story and Arthas' relationship with Frostmourne (in the MMO World of Warcraft). And so he ended up with glowing eyes to represent being possessed.

This worked out well as my goal for this model was to practice glowing eyes, an effect I have always thought looked really cool but never felt confident in. I am very happy with how this turned out however I am still not feeling hugely confident. Guess I will have to keep working on it.

I chose to give him a snow base as I thought it would give good contrast to the dark miniature. I had planned to put some dead grass and a skull on the base too but its a rather large miniature who really didn't need any embellishment, so I kept it simple. I used the same technique as my other snow bases, which I described in detail in my Snow Leopard post.

Monday Miniature's over at Caffeineforge is now on a fortnightly schedule due to the authors having a new baby. Between that and regularly attending a painting group in our local game store I am hoping to actually post more regularly this year. I might even post a few extra models on Monday Miniature's off week - but I dont want to get ahead of myself.

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