More Rats? Or Are They?

I am late to posting this week, though since I have never had a schedule I suppose its not really late. That said, I have been planning to post on Monday the miniature of the previous week. This will keep me in check & also when Monday Miniatures return I will already be in the habit. Things just did not go to plan this week. I found myself having to switch between projects which I dont really like to do. I generally try to finish painting a miniature before starting a new one or else they end up going into the "to be washed & start again" pile because I lose my rhythm & forget what I was going to do.

I should explain, I do most of the painting in our home and all of the miniatures on this blog (unless otherwise stated). I also do the basing & when they need hot/cold baths I do that too. However my husband cleans the flash & does any conversion work. I dont trust myself with the hobby knife & conversions interest him more. So when I started on a different project earlier this week - I realise I wasnt a 100% happy with the model & need him to fix some things with that knife of his. It will take a while so that project is on hold. Luckily, I hadnt really done too much so I should be fine to go back to it once he is done. 

Size Comparison
(Burrow Rats, Rats, Rat Swarm)
On 1cm Grid mat
So, on to today's model! These are Reaper's Burrow Rats from the 2nd kickstarter. However, I do a bit of research before I start painting, I find references & I look up the creature in the Pathfinder SRD (The rules for the game we usually use these miniatures for). According to those rules, Burrow Rats are categorised as tiny. That would mean, we could fit 4 of them on a 1" base. As you can see, these models are a bit bigger! Dire Rats are bigger & are considered small - and these are most definitely medium. We already have Dire Rats (which have been painted previously). So with my husband's help we did some digging & decided that these would be great Goblin Dogs. Here is a bit of how the SRD describes Goblin Dogs:
"This mangy canine's face has the same flat nose, beady eyes, and protruding teeth as a rat grown grotesquely large." ... "Loathed by men and beasts alike, goblin dogs are ugly, stinking, craven, and foul-tempered. It's no surprise that goblins find kindred spirits in these shunned, disgusting beasts. Constantly itching, afflicted with a species-wide mange exacerbated by prolific dander, even the healthiest goblin dog looks sickly and starved. Despite its name, the goblin dog is in fact a species of rodent grown monstrously large. Their long-legged shape and proclivity to hunt and run in packs earned them their popular name, a name that many goblins take issue with, as it galls the average goblin to consider these, their favored mounts, having anything at all to do with actual dogs."
I think these models are really amazing in their detail & I dont feel I did them justice. I was really inspired by James Wappel's paint job. He is an amazing painter & did an unbelieveable job. However I wanted to bring forth that mangy feel in a lot more & bring out the patches of fur/skin. This made them a lot more involved than I expected. & the transition between fur & skin was hard. I dont think this is my best work but I am proud of what I accomplished.

I think my biggest issue is the paint job is a little muddy & the skin tones are a little thick cause I changed it a few times. That said, the muddiness seems to work with these miniatures. 

The bases are supposed to represent a muddy mire/sewer feel & I think I did that. I totally forgot how long it takes for mod-podge to dry, especially during this cold winter weather. I did rush to get these pictures done, & didnt clean up the actual black base which I normally do (& will probably do sometime this week). 

I did something different this time & created a WIP collage for you. 6MMRPC seems to encourage WIP shots & if people like them I will continue. However, I dont know if people care & if its worth the extra time. So let me know in the comments if you want me to keep doing them.

A quick note: Reaper's 3rd Bones Kickstarter is currently in progress. It has 11 days left so I recommend you take a look soon rather than later!


  1. Nice work on the rats! They definitely have a nasty, "sewer-y" look to them, and look much more vicious that their smaller kin!

  2. MY word, they look filthy and disgusting. I was all envious that you had then, then realized I should in fact have them too. I had no idea they were in the core bones 2. Just goes to show what a ridiculous amount of figures you get in those kickstarters. I'll have to dig them out and paint up a few myself.

    I was unaware of modge podge as a water effect source. It looks like it's fairly 'thick' and doesn't run. Is there a specific product? I'm intrigued...

    1. Mod Podge is the name of the brand - its a thick paste, a bit thicker than white glue. It comes in matte & gloss. You can apply it thinner if you want to just put a varnish over something (Ive used it for gems). But you can also apply it on thick to make water, I like that it doesnt run but it does settle down a bit so its not quite as thick as you apply it. I want to experiment with putting on a second layer once it has dried for 'thicker' water. When I do I will put up photos. I havent got any water medium which I want to get some to experiment & see the difference - I think it would be better for when you want a deeper pool. But for bases, particuarly medium like these or the familiar bases I did - it works wonderfully. Though it takes about 24 hours to dry completely clear when its that thick. (It looks a little foggy for a while)

  3. You should consider commissions lol I'd send you all of my animals to paint.

    1. That is a big compliment, thank you. Id rather keep painting a hobby for now, though. :)