Back Again & 6MMRPC

Firstly, today has no painted minis, I'm sorry to say, but there is one that is almost done & should be posting soon. However I wanted to give an update so that when I do post my next painted miniature I can focus on that. 

Where have I been?

I'm sorry its been so long since I have posted, I have put an explanation for why I occasionally have prolonged absences in the FAQ page. However the simple answer is I have Chronic Fatigue and have been unable to paint the past 6 months. Hopefully I shouldn't have any more relapses any time soon.

Things have Changed!

As much as I liked the look of the template I had been using, I found it did not work well for me. It wouldnt load all of the posts and the menu system was finicky. So I have found a new template & I am working on "prettying" the site a bit. 

I have also updated things, including my bones count (which was over due now that Bones 2 has arrived!) which you can see to the left of this page. I may be changing that to miniatures count with a Mantic Kickstarter on its way (more on that when it arrives hopefully in August/September).

6MMRPC... what?

This is something I have only discovered recently myself, it is short for "6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge". This is the 2nd running of an annual challenge run by David at Spiderweb of History

The challenge runs between 1st June 2015 to 30th November 2015 and the idea behind it is to focus on painting the miniatures you have rather than buying new ones. You can read all the rules on the link above or check out the main page, which links to the various blogs who are joining in.
Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter
Coming Soon!

I want to try to follow the spirit of the challenge and paint at least one miniature a week and post about it. This is of course subject to my health allowing me to do so. I rarely make miniature orders as I have all those Reaper Bones to paint, however Reaper is doing a 3rd Bones Kickstarter - which is starting in less than 5 days *SQUEE* - that I am planning on backing. I will try to remember to post a link when it goes live. There is currently a countdown timer on the Reaper website.

What about Monday Miniatures?

 I love Caffeine Forge's Monday Miniatures and they have done some amazing projects while I have been absent from painting, that I have been silently following. However in David's last post he announced that there will be a break from Monday Miniatures due to things in his life. He plans to resume Monday Miniatures later in the year, hopefully in September. It is sad but understandable & I look forward to them returning as it is a great little community.

So what will I be working on?

As I stated previously, I am aiming to do a mini a week especially with the 6MMRPC going on (Im joining in a little late - I'm a month behind!). I plan to focus on NPC models - guards, townfolk, enemies (orcs, gnolls, bugbears, oh my!) rather than character models. The reason for this is I think they will be more useful on the gaming table - I can always paint up a specific character for a game but getting a handful of enemies done for the game 'next week' is usually a task that is beyond me. That isn't to say I wont be painting any characters, but it is not the focus I am going to have in the coming months.

Just a few of the To Do List
As to what specific models I will be painting... it will depend on my mood that week. However I have pulled out a handful of models that I think will be painted in the near-ish future. That said, whenever I am feeling overwhelmed in choice & need some inspiration, I think I will look at the models that have been painted on Monday Miniatures without me. It would be good to play catch up there too.

So that is everyone up to date. I plan to be posting a newly painted miniature soon. Just need to finish that base!


  1. Welcome to the challenge Kylie! I think I may have seen some of your work before on caffeineforge when I was looking through their archives. Looking forward to seeing more of your painted product.

    1. Thank you! I am really enjoying getting back into painting & sharing what I have done.

  2. Welcome to the challenge and the insanity! Just a few days left to the kickstarter... which seems totally against the whole point of the 6MMRPC... oh well!! :-)

    1. At least the miniatures wont arrive during 6MMRPC! And honestly, outside of backing Reaper Kickstarters & a Mantic Kickstarter, I rarely buy new miniatures. Just 2-3 when I do a paint order from Reaper at most twice a year (which I havent done since July last year). I dont feel that I really go over board with buying.

      What I think 6MMRPC is going to help me do is get back into the habit of painting & posting weekly. I really need that and appreciate the opportunity. I love painting but I have trouble being disciplined with it.

      Thanks for the welcome!

  3. Welcome aboard and glad to have you!