Winter Wizard

This week is Anirion, who is supposed to be a Wood Elf Wizard, however I painted him up as a winter wizard. I am actually really proud of this one, though it didnt turn out as well as I hoped. I really still need a lot of practice at my freehand details - particularly eyes.

I am however very happy with my gem - which I tried something new to finish it off - clear nail polish. I have been wanting a shiny brush-on coat for gems and things, however I have yet to find one. I decided to use some of my clear nail polish. It wouldnt work for most things as it is too thick and would cause a large loss of detail. However to simiply covered this gem actually worked out alright. Though it did make it harder to paint.

Another thing I tried new was making a snow base. It didnt come out as well as Id hoped - I don't think I got the consistancy right Bi-carb and PVA glue. Still it is a learning curve and it didn't come out too terrible.

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