Three Not-So-Blind Mice

This week on Monday Miniatures over at Caffeine Forge, everyone is painting all the rats. Unfortunately I painted most of them last year (you can see them here), however I some how managed to miss these 3 so took this week to get these guys painted. I also painted some bonus models that you shall see in the next few days!

While I was very happy how the first lot of Giant Rats turned out, I decided to paint a different colour scheme. I decided this for a few reasons, firstly if in a game we come across a bunch of rats and there are 1 or 2 that have different stats (maybe an "alpha" or something) then it will be easy to distinguish them from the mob.

The other reason was to challenge myself, I am really not confident when it comes to white fur (and white cloth for that matter) and getting good shading. I am relatively happy with how the fur on these guys turned out. I used a grey base, painted it with a few coats of  very thin white paint and then used a grey wash and finished with a heavy white dry-brush. I don't think this would look amazing on big creatures however for these smaller guys it did the job.

Comparing these to the last guys I think I did a better job on most of the details - the ears, nose, feet, and definitely the mouths. This time I actually painted more into the mouths and I think it paid off. The eyes I feel were more consistent this time however comparing my best set of eyes from the first lot to all of these eyes - I feel they were a little large and not quite the right shape. They aren't terrible but I still have a long way to go.

Comparing New & Old Paint Jobs
Overall, I am happy with how these turned out but I am not really excited about them. They will make good low level dungeon "trash" - which in the end is what we intended. I am however excited about the other things I have painted this past week.

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