Sea Harpy

This week's mini over at Monday Miniatures is the Harpy... however due to my travelling plans I painted this last week. I want to make a note that the blue in the photos has turned out a lot brighter than the actual mini. I'm having a really hard time getting decent photos of minis with my "throw-together" lighting set-up and cheap camera. I am saving up for a decent DSLR, I love photography and have always wanted to get into it, however it will be a few more months before I have saved enough for the camera I want. I also plan to get a proper set up for photographing small things (See here). But for the moment I have to use what I have and I apologise for the poor photos.
Young Harpy from WoW

Painting this mini has been a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge. My inspiration for this mini was the harpies from World of Warcraft (WoW), because of this I originally planned to to do a more gradual blue shading, with it getting darker at the wings and feet and have black claws. While painting I realised that the bat wings the mini wouldn't look as good with a dark colour. This meant that the feathers at the top of the wings needed to be darker to separate them from the bat part.  Another change through was changing the colour of hair from black & blue to a white and pale blue, as well as the claws from black to cream. The reason for this was to keep the mini from getting to dark and to give more contrast. 

As for the base, I do plan to base this mini however the idea I currently have requires me to get some materials I don't have. I wont tell what it is because it will be the first time I use a couple of these materials and I might end up changing it. When it is done I will share it!

I used the wings of this mini to experiment with wet blending and I am really happy with the results - particularly the back of the bat wings. I also really tried hard to improve with the eyes and lips of this mini and I am proud and feel i succeeded in this.