As I mentioned in my last post, I painted a few bonus models last week and here they are: Rat Swarms. I painted these to add to the 3 rats, since I had already painted 9 of them. These turned out to be a fun challenge and I found it surprisingly fun to paint. I enjoyed painting these more than the giant rats, which surprised me - I thought I would find this model frustrating.

I am really happy with how these came out... looking at the photos (which are larger than the actual models) I wonder if I should have cleaned up the black wash more than I did but on the models it just adds to that sense of filth. I really think taking the time to add all the pink ears and noses (as well as tails) really added to the model - it helps separate each of the individual rats.

I had been considering adding red eyes to each of the rats too - and I think it would have looked really cool if I could have pulled it off however I wasn't confident in my ability to pull it off. Trying to patch it up (if I failed) on something so small would have ruined the paint job, and I just didn't think it was worth the risk. It may be something i come back to when I am more confident in my detail work.

There aren't any new techniques I used on this, though I did get some practice on doing details on a tiny scale. One thing that was different was that I was painting these at the same time as the white rats. I have done line-up painting before (when I did the skeletons) however this was working on 2 different models at the same time. I think it worked well but I wouldn't want to do it on a detailed character model because Id be afraid to lose where I was up to and what I wanted to do next.

Here is the collage that I sent into Monday Miniatures, it shows all the different rats together:

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