A Sense of Decor

This week I managed to get 2 minis done! This week on Monday Miniatures people were sharing their Terrain pieces. I have yet delved into experimenting with terrain, not that I am not interested but I would need a few more things and something to use it for. Not to mention space to store it!!!

Anyway, I decided to work on some decor pieces since I have a few pieces that I wanted to get painted. So first off, the one I am most proud of, the Altar of Fiery Evil!

Work in Progress
I say Fiery Altar is because I have a second copy of this model and I intend to paint it with a different colour scheme. However that is a later project. As I have already said - I am extremely proud of this mini. The fire and blood is all free-hand painting. While I have done a bit of free-hand before, its only  been in very small amounts and it has been a while since I have tried it. I am so very happy with the results! This is also the first time I have had "On Mini Lighting" and had to paint how the light falls.

I keep meaning to photograph these minis with a ruler to give people a sense of the size. I measured the inside of the middle archway (where the fire is) - it is 6mm. For those of you who love Chessex dice - the plastic it is sitting on in the WIP picture is the containers Chessex dice come in.

The reason I took this WIP shot of the mini is that I wanted to show that during the painting process I often make a mess. When I first started, I always felt I was failing if I didnt paint exactly from the start. However I have learnt that sometimes to get best results in an area you might need to go outside the "lines". You can always clean it up later. 

My second item is not as exciting but I am still really happy with how it came out. This is my second attempt at painting jewels and I found the shape of the pommel of the sword to be particularly challenging. I usually try to use a new technique on each new model, however this time I decided to practice a technique that I am still not very confident with (Jewels).

Overall it has been a very productive week and I am proud of myself. Each of the models have a few little things I could do better - but that is the fun of learning, there is always ways to improve!

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