Ssssnnakeman Ssssolider

Mini: Snakeman Warrior
Manufacturer: Reaper Bones Series
Painted: 13th Feb - 9th March

So I have really been slack with my painting lately... unfortunately I have Chronic Fatigue and it has left me very warn out lately and unable to focus on the fine details needed in painting minis. I actually got this one done a while ago, however I had to re-base it on the weekend after my cat knocked him into some old painting water.

For the most part I am happy with this mini, I think the Red-Belly Black Snake colour scheme really worked well and I am proud of the eyes. I tried to do something new with the swords and it failed and so the paint ended up a little thick on the swords. This is probably the thing I would criticise most about this mini. The other new thing I tried was using a new technique for painting gems! I am really happy with how they turned out. Check out the tutorial.

I will add Colours at a later date :)

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