Would you follow her down a dark alley?

Mini: Townsfolk: Strumpet
Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures - Bones Series
Painted: 16th - 19th Jan 2014

I found this beautiful model quite a challenge and I can see a lot of places I need work. Despite this there is a lot I am proud of too. The biggest thing is the shading on her skirt. This is the first time I think I have done this well. I am also proud of her corset lacing, it was fiddly dry brushing and I feel I did a reasonable job. Finally, I am really proud of her eye. I used a cream base, gave her a brown pupil and blue make-up. Its not perfect but it is a great improvement from a simple black dot. 

As I have already said, there is plenty of room for improvement but here are the things the stick out to me:
The lace underskirt really needs to be shaded better. There are several fine lines that could have been neater and more precise - especially the jewelry. To be fair in this heat wave the metallic paint was drying on the brush and clumping but this is something I need to learn to work around. Finally and possibly the most noticeable, I think I needed to do a more precise job on her lips.

The other thing I didn't mention is the gem in her waist-let. I have seen some great gem techniques out there and I would like to work on doing some closer to that. Here are some tutorials that show the effects I would like to achieve. This one is a written article on Cool Mini or Not which has some great diagrams & examples. It shows different techniques for different styles from different shaped gems, clear crystals, specific types of precious stones. This second tutorial is a video on YouTube which just step by step using a standard technique. 

On a final note, I have been requested to give my models a sense of scale, just so that people can see how small they really are. So here is a photo of the Strumpet with a ruler.

Colours Used

Primer - None

Base Colours
  • R. HD. Maiden Flesh (29824)
  • V. G. X.Op Heavy Violet (72.142)
  • V.G. X.Op Heavy Blue (72.143)
Main Colours
  • Dress: R. MSP. Royal Purple (09240)
  • Dress Shadows: R. MSP. Monarch Purple (09239)
  • Dress Highlight: R. MSP. Royal Purple (09240) mixed w/ Pure White (09039)
  • Underskirt & Corset Lacing: R. MSP. Linen White (09061)
  • Underskirt Highlight: R. MSP. Pure White (09039)
  • Underskirt Wash: V. G.C. W. Umber Shade (73.203)
  • Corset, Gem & Shoe: R. MSP. Cyan Blue (09117)
  • Skin: R. MSP. Fair Skin (09047)
  • Skin Shadow: R. MSP. Fair Shadow (09046)
  • Skin Highlight: R. MSP. Fair Highlight (09048)
  • Hair Base: V. G. X.Op Heavy Sienna (72.154)
  • Hair: R. MSP. Bloodstain Red (09133)
  • Hair Highlight: R. MSP. Clotted Red (09134)
  • Hair Highlight: R. MSP. Clotted Red (09134) mixed w/ R. MSP. Ancient Bronze (09049)
  • Hair Wash: V. G.C. W. Sepia Shade (73.200)
  • Jewelry: R. MSP. Ancient Gold (09050) mixed w/ R. MSP. New Gold (09051)
  • Lips: V. G. X.Op Heavy Red (72.141)
  • Eye Whites: R. MSP. Linen White (09061)
  • Eye Liner: R. MSP. Cyan Blue (09117)
  • Eye Pupil: R. MSP. Brown Sand (09246)


  • Cut Reaper's "broccoli" base off"
  • Using Green stuff create tiles on base and allow to dry
  • Paint before gluing on model
Bases' Colours
  • Base Colour: V. G. X.Op Heavy Charcoal (72.155)
  • Main Colour: R. MSP. Cloudy Grey (09089)
  • Highlight Colour: R. MSP. Rainy Grey (09038)

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