Itsy Bitsy... Creepy

Mini: Vermin: Spiders
Manufacturer: Reaper Bones Series
Painted: 9th - 12th Jan 2014

I've been busy this week, not only did I paint these but I painted another pair (which I will post in the next few days) and I had a day trip to the ACT!!! 

Arjen's Spider
When I first saw this mini I figured I would do a simple Red-back pattern for these. However when Monday Miniatures did their spiders (before I started painting with them) one of the participants, Arjen, did an amazing paint job and inspired me to push myself with some free-hand.

I don't think my spiders really compare to Arjen's amazing paint job, but I am happy I pushed myself. I think they did turn out well especially my red & brown spider.

When I decided to do these, I wanted them to match the colours from the spider swarms (will post soon). So, I researched brown and green spiders and found several reference pictures. I didn't copy them exactly, more used them as a guide to come up with something unique and yet reasonably realistic.

Reference Pic: Regal Jumping Spider

Reference Pic: Malagasy Green Lynx Spider 

In the end these were a lot of fun to paint. It was a great challenge and with so many fascinating spiders out there, I was really inspired. I can see me getting more of these to experiment with.

Colours Used - Brown & Red Spider

Primer - None

Base Colours - V. G. X.Op Heavy Sienna (72.154)

Main Colours

  • Darker Stripes: R. MSP. Muddy Soil (09244)
  • Pale Stripes: R. MSP. Aged Bone (09059)
  • Back: R. MSP. Clotted Red (09154)
  • Red Highlights (first layer): R. MSP. Fire Red (09004)
  • Red Highlights (second layer): R. MSP. Carnage Red (09135)
  • Wash: C. W. Badab Black

Colours Used - Green Spider

Primer - None

Base Colours - V. G. X.Op Heavy Green (72.146)

Main Colours

  • Body Main: R. MSP. Christmas Wreath (09658)
  • Legs Main: R. MSP. Pale Lichen (09084)
  • Highlights: V. G. X.Op. Heavy Kakhi (72.149)
  • Leg Spots: R. MSP. Faded Black (09657)
  • Eyes: R. MSP. Sun Yellow (09008)

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