Stone Golem

Mini: Stone Golem

Manufacturer: Reaper Bones Series

Painted: 14th Dec – 15th Dec 2013

I just want to say how proud I am of this model. I have recently been participating in Caffeine Forge's Miniature Mondays. I found that the other painters inspire me and the 'deadline" pushes me to paint every week. When they said that this was this weeks model I wasn't very interested. I kept putting it off because I wasn't feeling inspired. But I finally decided that if I was going to get it done that I should pick up a paint brush. I decided that I would use the model to try some new techniques and the result has made me very happy. 

I have never freehand painted on a mini before and all those ruins are freehanded. I also have never attempted to make something appear glowing like I did with the eyes and to an extent the runes. The photo made the glow on the cheeks a little stronger than you see on the mini but I think it turned out great. 

I want to say that it wasnt the quality of model that made me feel unexcited - its just a stone golem is kinda boring and not a subject that interest me. The model itself is beautiful and I had a lot of fun painting it once I got myself started.

Colours Used

Primer - None

Base ColoursV. G. X.Op Heavy Charcoal (72.155)

Main Colours
  • Body: V. G. X.Op Heavy Charcoal (72.155) mixed with R. MSP. Pure White (09039)                                           * Note: I gradually added more White for different Layers of Dry Brush
  • Wash: C. W. Badab Black
  • Eyes & Runes: V. G. X.Op Heavy Red (72.141), R. MSP. Fire Red (09004), R. MSP. Fire Orange (09006)
  • Under Eye Glow: A very light watered down R. MSP. Fire Orange (09006)
  • Cuff: R. MSP. Shadowed Steel (09052)
  • Head "Bolts": R. MSP. Polished Silver (09054)

Glowing Eyes
This was something new I experimented with after watching this tutorial


  • Reaper's "broccoli" glued onto a black base.
  • Fish-tank pebbles glued onto base
  • coarse sand layered up to the same level as the "broccoli"
  • Fine sand glued over the top of it all (including "broccoli")
  • Citidal Liquid Green Stuff used to fill any gaps in the sand.
  • Another layer of craft glue to seal it before painting

Bases' Colours
  • Sand Base Colour: V. G. X.Op Heavy Brown (72153)
  • Sand Wash: C. W. Badab Black
  • Sand Highlight: R. MSP. Golden Highlight (09093)
  • Stone Base: V. G. X.Op Heavy Charcoal (72.155)
  • Stone Highlight: V. G. X.Op Heavy Charcoal (72.155) mixed with R. MSP. Pure White (09039)
  • Moss: R. MSP. Highland Moss (09083)

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