Mini: Sarcophagus

Manufacturer: Reaper Bones Series

Painted: 19th Dec – 21st Dec 2013

I am reasonably happy with the way this model turned out. It was my first attempt at marble and I think I need some work on it. The white lines need to be finer and dabbing I did under the washes needs to be stronger - after all those washes you cant see it and I think that takes away from it. Other than that I should have highlighted the cloth in the coffin/sarcophagus. 

However, I don't feel it is a bad paint job and I think it will work as a piece of dungeon decor. I want to do some more marble effects to practice! I really loved what Laura did with her marble - check out hers and others of Miniature Monday here.

Here is the tutorial I watched for marbling:

Colours Used

Primer - None

Base Colours - V. G. X.Op Heavy Charcoal (72.155)

Main Colours
  • Filigree: R. MSP. Antique Gold (09050)
  • Inside Cloth: V. G. X.Op Heavy Red (72.141)
  • Rose: V. G. X.Op Heavy Red (72.141) mixed with R. MSP. Faded Black (09657)
  • Leaves: R. MSP. Christmas Wreath (09658)

  • Cloth Shading: R. MSP. Faded Black (09657)
  • Washes over Filigree & Rose: C. W. Badab Black

  • First "sponged" grey over base colour (V. G. X.Op Heavy Charcoal (72.155) mixed with R. MSP. Pure White (09039))
  • I did a wash of C. W. Badab Black
  • The lines are done in R. MSP. Pure White (09039)
  • I washed with watered down R. MSP. Ritterlich Blue (09115) a couple times
  • Added more lines in Pure White
  • Another wasch in Badab Black
  • Several Washes in Ritterlich Blue

No base this time XD

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